About Us

Our Mission

We aim to make our customers more profitable by effectively fulfilling their door, hardware and interior carpentry needs, allowing them to move on to other pressing issues. Our office staff of estimators and detailers and our field managers, installers and support staff will provide the services our customers need to move ahead. Rapid Door is great to work with, it is a great place to work, and we are only getting better.


Jennifer Lazar


Jenny's team building style, vision for the future and care of people, makes Rapid the happiest and most productive place to work. Jenny's clear direction, that we are to focus on the customer, maintain integrity and respect every individual we interact with. She is a retired attorney and mother of 5.

Mitch Lazar


Mitch has been in the construction industry for over 25 years. He began work as a carpenter and eventually opened his own general contracting business. After 5 years as a GC, it became clear to Mitch that many GC's were underserved by the suppliers and installers of Division 6 and 8 products. Additionally, he felt that many customers could be better served by a supplier/installer. He likes to call it the one neck, one noose deal. Mitch is also a husband to Jenny, a father of five and a competitive runner and biker. (If you had five kids, you would also know how to run fast).

Joann Kebrdle


Joann graduated with a BA in finance and then worked her way up through the ranks of Prentice Hall Books. Before coming to Rapid Door, Joann was promoted to VP of finance at Prentice Hall Books. Joann joined Rapid Door in 2007 and successfully led Rapid through the turbulent recession. Joann is married to Eddy and together they are being raised by Nicki. Joann coaches cheer and hits the gym when we give her a break.

Tito Medina

Tito started as a carpenter with us eleven years ago. Tito's role expanded over the last few years to include overall management of all installations and field deliveries. He works closely with the GC’s project managers, our office and our installers. He is now found out in the field at all times.

Don Clark

Lead Carpenter

Don's 30 years of door, hardware and carpentry experience speak for themselves. Done right, the first time. Period. Don works closely with Tito and keeps projects on target.

Tiffany Anderson

Project Manager

Tiffany manages projects from submittal to purchasing, maintaining tight control of products and lead times to keep projects on target.

Merritt Browne and Morderchai Schiffman